Thursday, May 29, 2014

Electric Vehicles making 'in-roads' in the Philippines (get it?!)

The City of Tacloban on Leyte
Hi everyone! I just got back to California from a 2 month research trip around Southeast Asia. One of the most powerful experiences was visiting the island in the Philippines that was completely decimated by the Typhoon last November. Some of you might remember seeing it in the news. Anyway I wrote a blog about my time there and it got picked up by my school. I wanted to share with you guys because the solutions that people are coming up with to restore and rebuild just blow my mind. Take a read!

Here are some more pictures from my trip: 

Guys rebuilding stuff.
Ships stranded inland!
I was told this mall was brand new, it had just opened a week before Yolanda. Now complete rubble.

A typical ejeepney. It's like our mini bus in the Caribbean except not air conditioned and sometimes people ride on top too if its really full. iCSC has assembled an electric version of this which runs well in Manila and they are bringing a new fleet to Tacloban to help with the transportation strain.
A wonderful group of undergraduate social work students I met from University of the Philippines. They are doing a socio-psychological impact assessment. They joked with me that the stories they hear are so stressful someone needs to assess them for secondary trauma! I am so glad to see young people dedicating their time to something so important. Often we forget about the emotion involved in a crisis like this. These students are amazing! 

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